Luca Signs With VFL Bochum 1848

Congratulations to Luca Fava (B2004) for signing a contract with VFL Bocum 1848!

Fava arrived in Germany in August 2019 with the Talentprojekt's U15 team. From becoming fluent in German to spending countless additional hours training, he respects this process and all those he meets along the way.  

“Luca is like a fine wine, and he gets better every time you see him,” said Ebert whose youth soccer club has developed eight US Men’s National Team players and countless professional players.

According to Ebert, signing a contract with VfL Bochum 1848 is a real tribute to Fava’s unwavering passion and unmatched work rate. “If you are a young American who wants to make it in a top European country like Germany, you have to work twice as hard to earn that respect. Between Luca’s passion and work rate, I don’t see how he fails. He is in a perfect environment to grow and mature,” said Ebert who coached Fava directly for nearly two years and supervised his development while he was at the club for five years.

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