Injuries, new positions, and lots of goals – Read how Coach Ray Han and his B2004 Flight 1 Europa clinched league!

“This season was mainly about sacrificing for the team.” Coach Han and his B2004 Flight 1 Europa team overcame many adversities to make a memorable season and win league.

Coach Han knew his team had a strong chance at moving up to the Champions flight at the start of the season, but those expectations were put in doubt when a few keys players were hit with injuries. This required reshuffling and trying players in new positions. 

“Some players had to sacrifice their favored positions to play defense, goalie, and other non-familiar positions.” Coach Han said. 

The team’s record ended up being 7 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw, with a staggering 42 goals scored – 17 more than the next highest team!

Coach Han emphasized that this was a group effort, saying, “Overall this was a group effort, I can’t put it down to a single individual. Everyone contributed and our midfield dominated all the games.”

Congratulations to Coach Han and his team! Click here to see the results!