B2007 Players Called Up to USYNT ID Camp

Congrats to B2007 players Nolan Ruiz, Angel Reyes, and Jacob Nguyen on receiving a call up to the USYNT ID Camp.

Nolan: “I feel grateful and honored to be selected and be a part of this unique experience. I am looking forward to meeting new players and coaches. I am also excited to see the opportunities that may come after the event.”

Angel: “It’s an honor it’s something you dream of as a little kid to represent your country doing something you love and this is just one step closer to that dream. I’m looking forward to the environment being around the best going toe to toe and learning from the experience.”

Jacob: “It feels very exciting and an honor to be called up to play. It’s definitely a blessing from God. I am looking forward to the high level of competition and being able to see how the program is run.”